PRO Tip: Conduct Lightning Fast Research In Just a Few Clicks

When we say your most important investment insights are just a click away, we mean it. We built for CipherBio PRO with rapid investment research in mind. Every bar chart, every clinical phase, every map is interactive and clickable. And every click refines your search and sharpens your business intelligence.

Take this example: Can’t remember the name of the London-based player making Q1 2021 news in the COVID-19 early-stage space? CipherBio PRO interactive dashboards make this investment research easy.

PRO Tip: In fewer than five clicks CipherBio PRO users can apply clinical phase, deal round and map location clickable filters to reduce the COVID-19 list of 70 companies, 178 investors, 66 indications, 274 approaches, $6.9B investment to just a single record.

  1. Click 2021 and ‘Preclinical’ to reveal 10 companies, 25 investors, 20 indications, 61 approaches and $267M invested year to date.
  2. Click series A to get to the five Round A funding deals, the largest of which is Touchlight with $58M in March. Where is Touchlight?
  3. Click on the map, and you see it’s based in London along with another Investor.CipherBio Insight Filter Example

And who is that second Covid-19 London-based investor? This means you are ready for a new search. Just click `Reset Filters’ at the top of your screen and start clicking to define and filter a brand new search.

And if you like drop-downs, they are there for you too. Hunting for a specific set of years or a combination of rounds? You can select funding rounds and deal years via drop-down menus.

CipherBio Filters

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