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You dove into the CipherBio ecosystem, discovering companies and investors rooted in life science. You also asked for something new: location specific lists for export.

We are happy to announce we’ve delivered on that request and those location pages are now live and ready for you to explore, just as you have been with company pages and investor pages.

Did you know that in the first two quarters of this year 102 companies in San Francisco have raised over $9B and that the city is home to over 200 companies in the Prefunding stage (this doesn’t even include even the 26 Prefunding companies headquartered in South San Francisco)?

In San Diego 73 companies raised $5.5B over Q1 and Q2 2021 (with the smaller cohort of 29 companies raising an impressive $2.8B in Q2 alone). Though the Southern CA market is home to fewer early stage companies (125 in Prefunding), San Diego’s 32 IPOst outpaces San Francisco. What they do have in common, for both locations, Neurological Disorders is the top indication.

To the East, Cambridge, Massachusetts has a total of 316 Biotech companies, with 82 companies having raised $9.2B in the first half of 2021. Massachusetts is a relatively small state, so for a comprehensive state search, just type MA to reveal more than 700 companies. Here science is focused on top indications neurological disorders, genetic diseases and orphan/rare diseases.

Think of location pages as a new way for you to develop and explore your target audiences.

Type any city, state abbreviation, or country into the search bar and build your list of deals by location to download and export.

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