$11.4B for Cardiovascular Disease in Medical Devices

CipherBio PRO Cardiovascular Disease Insight explores the most targeted condition area for medical devices. The insight includes information on innovative cardiovascular medical device companies that received funding from 2019-2021. Since 2019, 379 VCs have invested $11.4B in 163 companies in life science cardiovascular disease medical devices. 63 of these devices are already on the market. […] READ MORE

81 Digital Therapeutics Companies Received $3.1 Billion From 302 Investors

Digital therapeutics are quickly rising in popularity, with the advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital therapeutics are defined as clinically evaluated software systems used as medical interventions to treat or manage medical conditions. The digital therapeutics field includes Software as a Medical Device (SAMD) which performs as a medical device […] READ MORE

183 Immuno-Oncology Companies Raised $46 Billion

Attempts to harness the immune system to fight cancer date back to the late 1800s. It has been less than 40 years since the first of these immuno-oncology therapies demonstrated success and obtained approval. Since then, nearly 40 cancer immunotherapies have received FDA approval. These approved treatments fall into five categories of immunotherapy: cell-based, immunomodulators […] READ MORE

$18 Billion Invested in 135 Cell Therapy Companies

Cell therapy was born in the 1930s when Paul Niehans earned the title of “father of cell therapy” by injecting the cells of animal organs into patients with numerous conditions including cancer. Although cell therapy was discovered nearly a century ago, new advances and techniques have caused a large increase in life science cell therapy […] READ MORE

Life Science Companies Step Up the Fight Against Vision Loss by raising $13B+ from over 300 investors

The number of adults at risk for vision loss grew substantially from 2002-2017, from 65 million to 93 million. According to the CDC, more than 4.2 million Americans suffer from low vision or blindness. The leading causes of vision loss are age-related eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. […] READ MORE

Life Science M&A Focused on Immunotherapy and Antibodies

The life science M&A trend is not slowing down. Nearly $30B has been poured into life science acquisitions year to date through May 2021. Not only does the CipherBio PRO M&A Insights reveal the top deals in 2019-2021, acquirers and investors, but it also highlights the data and scientific work behind these billion-dollar deals. READ MORE

CipherBio PRO Dives Into the Booming Metabolic Disorder Sector

Here’s an energizing topic: metabolism. Metabolism is the essential and fundamental process your body performs to make energy from the food you eat. But when just one step along the complex metabolic process fails, the body retains either too much or too little of one of the many essential substances it needs to maintain optimal […] READ MORE