International Investors in the Life Science Industry

Co-authored by Matthew Gibbs @CipherBio_gibbs and Nooman Haque SVB Managing Director Global Markets Life Science UK. The life science industry has been making strides globally, moving toward a radically different future of health. The pandemic gave a new boost of cross-border collaboration, bringing the international aspects of the vibrant industry to the fore. Typically, life […] READ MORE

The CipherBio List of Top Life Science Investors in 2019 and 2020

By Matthew Gibbs CipherBio@svb and Ryan Roller @RyanRoller Director of SVB Life Sciences. 2019 was an outstanding year for the Life Science sector. Out of the 10 top performing initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2019 in terms of their returns, almost all companies were life science companies (including Karuna Therapeutics at the top, followed by […] READ MORE

Most Active Corporate VCs in the Life Science Industry

Co-authored by Matt Gibbs CipherBio@svb and Steve Agular SVB Managing Director, VC Relationship Management in Healthcare and Life Science. Corporate venture capital (CVC) is gaining an increasing presence in the life science sector. Some companies invest for financial returns, while others for strategic reasons – to leverage and upgrade their core competencies, get access to […] READ MORE

The Life Science Sector Shifts Its Focus Quickly to Respond to the Coronavirus

Co-authors Matt Gibbs CipherBio@svb and Katherine Andersen @katherun Head of SVB Life Science and Healthcare Banking. If the coronavirus has proven anything, it is that size and impact are not necessarily correlated. A 125-nanometer parasite that cannot be seen with the naked eye, the COVID-19 virus has killed over 160,000 people globally and infected 2.4M […] READ MORE

See the Most Active Investors Behind the $14.92 Billion Invested into Life Science Companies since 2019

  Since 2019, CipherBio, with support from our user base of VCs and CEOs, has tracked investments of $14.92 billion in Biotech, Diagnostics, Digital Health, and Medical Devices companies. North America received the bulk of those dollars, although other geographic areas did witness significant deal-making. Within the sector, biotech companies were the dominant ones by […] READ MORE

See the Top Life Science Accelerators in 2019 & 2020

    In 2018, CipherBio created the world’s first life science ecosystem database to help its members — companies, accelerators, and investors — reach their goals and propel the industry to the next level. As it is the first time that we have access to a full-year’s data across different life science accelerators, we decided to […] READ MORE

3 Ways to Win As a Biotech Start-Up in a Changing VC Landscape

1. Money Alone is No Longer Enough – Biotech’s Need These Types Of Strategic Partners We’re on the verge of commemorating the 20th anniversary of the dot com bubble coming to a halt. Although the reasons for the end of the internet’s swashbuckling days are complex, raising—and investing—money for money’s sake was a contributing factor. […] READ MORE


WHY SHOULD LIFE SCIENCE EXECUTIVES BOTHER WITH DIGITAL PROFILES? Your digital profile is an extension of your physical presence and that of your company’s. All those pictures and sentences that compose your digital profile, they’re there for your customers, competitors, and potential investors. Compiled and composed correctly, your digital profile can give your life science […] READ MORE