Life Science Companies Provided Hope to Those With Autoimmune Diseases

Up to 23.5 million Americans, seven percent of the population, are afflicted by these diseases caused by the body’s immune system malfunctioning and attacking healthy cells. In fact, autoimmune diseases — and there are about 80 of them — have surpassed both cancer (in all its forms) and heart disease in prevalence. READ MORE

Taking a Look at Q4 2020 Accelerators and Incubators Funding Insights

The fourth quarter of 2020 remained a challenging time for the economy worldwide, but global markets got a dose of optimism as several companies introduced vaccines for COVID-19. CipherBio data shows that in 67 deals involving companies affiliated with top life science accelerators and incubators, nearly $2B was raised in Q4 2020, down from more […] READ MORE

Q3 2020 Life Science Accelerators and Incubators Funding Insights

Co-authored by Matt Gibbs @cipherbio_gibbs, Barbara Alcaraz Silva SVB VP, and Kaitlin Berube SVB VP. The third quarter of 2020 remains a challenging time for the global economy, still strongly influenced by the effects of the pandemic — although businesses around the world appear to gradually adjust to the new normal. READ MORE

The Life Science Sector is Still Working at Full Speed to Respond to the Pandemic

Until today’s date (October 2020), COVID-19 has killed over one million people worldwide, and still has not been contained. Cases are resurging in many places around the world, and scientists, laboratorians, and bioethicists are working around the clock to produce successful therapeutics, drugs, and a COVID-19 vaccine. Back in April, we looked at the early […] READ MORE

Biotech Funding: The Tale of Three Regions

2020 YTD in Numbers: the US, Europe and Asia As the largest life science vertical, Biotech is attracting significant funding and most of the investors’ attention. We took a deep dive into the CipherBio data platform to explore each of the three biggest regional scenes that make up the global Biotech landscape: the US, Europe […] READ MORE

2020 Biotech Funding Overview

It has been an unprecedented year so far for Biotech industry and the economy as a whole. Building upon the record amount for 2019, it was expected to be another record-breaking year for Biotech funding. After the initial shock that for a short moment threatened to shutter the sector’s bright outlook – together with that […] READ MORE

The Entrepreneur Journey: How CipherBio Helps You Make Data-Driven Decisions as You Build Your Company

Entrepreneurs who make decisions based on reliable data increase their chances of success significantly. Data helps reduce biases and enables you to develop a clear roadmap for yourself and your team. Data-driven decisions increase efficiency by reducing costs and efforts. Moreover, data reduces uncertainty at a time when certainty has become a rare commodity. Even […] READ MORE

Q2 2020 Life Science Accelerators Insights

Co-authored by Matt Gibbs @cipherbio_gibbs, Ben Johnson SVB National Head of Early Stage Life Sciences, Barbara Alcaraz Silva SVB VP, and Kaitlin Berube SVB VP. Accelerators and incubators are a vital element of the life science ecosystem as they support scientific ventures through programs designed to help them develop their initial products, identify lucrative customer […] READ MORE

The CipherBio List of Top Founders, Entrepreneurs and CEOs in the Life Science Sector

Co-authored by Matt Gibbs @CipherBio_gibbs and Tom Hertzberg SVB Managing Director Life Sciences So far this year, healthcare companies have been under the spotlight, as they were a source of hope regarding a vaccine against the COVID-19. Despite this, life science companies have been making the headlines even before the outbreak. The market valuations of […] READ MORE