Record Breaking Numbers in Life Science IPOs

The number of biotechs entering the public markets is at an all-time high, with 2020 breaking all biotech IPO records, and 2021 on track to rival these numbers. The latest CipherBio PRO data insight showcases these groundbreaking numbers. From 2019 to Q2 2021 over 220 companies went public with deals totaling $40+ Billion in IPO […] READ MORE

Life Science M&A Focused on Immunotherapy and Antibodies

The life science M&A trend is not slowing down. Nearly $30B has been poured into life science acquisitions year to date through May 2021. Not only does the CipherBio PRO M&A Insights reveal the top deals in 2019-2021, acquirers and investors, but it also highlights the data and scientific work behind these billion-dollar deals. READ MORE

CipherBio PRO Dives Into the Booming Metabolic Disorder Sector

Here’s an energizing topic: metabolism. Metabolism is the essential and fundamental process your body performs to make energy from the food you eat. But when just one step along the complex metabolic process fails, the body retains either too much or too little of one of the many essential substances it needs to maintain optimal […] READ MORE

PRO Tip: Submit the Deals You Conducted or Know About

Together, with our users, we make this life science ecosystem stronger. Want to know one way you can help? Here’s a PRO Tip: Submit a Deal. If you know about a deal or were part of one that you don’t see in our heaps of data, we absolutely want to hear about it. READ MORE

Life Science Companies Pivot To Fight COVID-19

Doctors, scientists, health officials, world leaders and regular citizens around the globe breathed a collective sigh of relief late last year as vaccines to combat COVID-19 became a reality. The end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 presented three approved vaccines in the U.S., and distribution of those vaccines began shortly after their validation. READ MORE

PRO Tip: Conduct Lightning Fast Research In Just a Few Clicks

When we say your most important investment insights are just a click away, we mean it. We built for CipherBio PRO with rapid investment research in mind. Every bar chart, every clinical phase, every map is interactive and clickable. And every click refines your search and sharpens your business intelligence. READ MORE