Calling all Members of the Life Sciences Ecosystem: CipherBio Welcomes You

Calling All Members of the Life Science Ecosystem: CipherBio is Open to the Public

We’re excited to announce that CipherBio is coming out of stealth and is now open to the public!

CipherBio: The life sciences connectivity hub

For those of you who are new to the platform, CipherBio aims to accelerate solutions to society’s most pressing health problems by connecting investors and researchers with life sciences organizations across biotech, digital health, medical devices and diagnostic tools. Working with and learning from biotech CEOs, VCs, corporate VCs and a team of industry insiders, we built a platform specifically designed to solve this problem and accelerate innovation. We are backed by SVB Financial Group, which services over 2,800 life sciences organizations across the globe.

All innovators, disruptors and change agents in the life sciences space can now join our open science community and come together to accelerate innovation and discovery. Now is the time to connect with the 800+ innovators and investors already on the platform and begin gaining insights and new industry connections today.


Bold Mission: The Only Purpose-Built Platform for Open Science

Our goal at CipherBio is to speed innovation by increasing access to information and industry connections. As Meg Wheatley, the acclaimed organizational behavior expert, once said, “Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections; from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines or places; from active, collegial networks and fluid, open boundaries.”

With better communication and more information, CipherBio aims to empower researchers, venture capitalists, business leaders and academic institutions to collaborate, work smarter and build a community of open science. Today we have over 280 biotech innovators across a range of indications – including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmune Diseases, and ALS – and over 230 VCs sharing insights in the platform.

And we are just starting out.

Community Spotlight: Celebrating Discovery in Alzheimer’s

Did you know that the CipherBio community includes almost 30 biotechs and 60 investors involved in Alzheimer’s discovery? Check out the Alzheimer’s hub to discover the top VCs investing in the space and which leading biotechs and startups are working on the most popular approaches including pentylenetetrazole, GABA-A, TDP-43, Stress Granules and TAR DNA.

Stay tuned for exciting platform announcements and expansion in the coming weeks, including new verticals and featured innovations in our growing community.

Team CipherBio